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About Us

KIX Esports = Esports Team + Tournament Platform + Creative Agency

Our vision is to connect brands with next generation gamers and provide a unique experience for all our partners, gamers and stakeholders.

Maluntin Clash Royale KIX Team photo shoot session hong kong
Benzer Ridel Clash Royale KIX team
benzer ridel and jaytv photo shoot in Jakarta Indonesia

Featured Projects

Connecting people through what they love.

League Pass

The Future of Mobile Esports

League Pass is proud to introduce the Asia Mobile Esports Tournament 2021 (AME 2021). The competition featured 1,150+ players from 48 countries competing for a US$10,000 prize pool for two mobile games: Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. 

The event was broadcasted in 7 languages and garnered 235,000+ views with 11,500+ watch hours

KIX Creative

RedMagic - Gaming Smartphone: A Case Study

KIX Creative collaborated with 9 gaming influencers on various esports titles, producing engaging content across 5 countries and 4 languages within a month for the launch of the Red Magic 5G.

KIX Creative manages each talent campaign and provides content optimisation according to your goals.

KIX Team

Mobile Native

From 2018 to 2020, KIX Team participated in the Clash Royale League East, a $1M prize pool league organised by game developer Supercell (Tencent).


Built from scratch, the team became a top contender at the league by the end of 2020. Check out the video below to learn more about our journey.

KIX Team is currently playing in the Brawl Stars Championship (another Supercell-organised tournament) and is one of the top teams of the SESA & ANZ region.

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